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New Jersey Direct Primary Care Program

The New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) and School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) now cover 100% of the cost for employees and their dependents to join a Paladina Health or R-Health doctor’s office. This is available as part of the Horizon and Aetna* plans and does not require any changes to your health insurance. Choose a Direct Primary Care doctor and get unlimited access to a personal family doctor with no co-pays, when and where it’s convenient for you.

This Direct Primary Care program was created and led by the public-sector labor unions that fought to add this fabulous add-on feature to your state and school health benefits, bringing you and your family better healthcare at lower costs.

Simply put, Direct Primary Care allows you to save money while receiving a more patient-focused relationship with a doctor who is caring and always there for you.

We encourage you to join a Direct Primary Care doctor’s office so you can take advantage of:

  • No co-pays, deductibles, or other out-of-pocket costs
  • Unlimited access to your personal doctor
  • Same- or next-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Limited to no wait to see your doctor
  • One convenient location for lab work, immunizations, and more
  • 24/7 access to your personal doctor with convenient in-person appointments, phone appointments, and online access
  • No changes necessary to your insurance plan Paladina Health Locations

The Direct Primary Care program is available to employees and dependents covered under the following:

  • SHBP OMNIA plans
  • Non-Medicare eligible retirees and eligible dependents covered under SHBP/SEHBP NJ DIRECT plans
  • Aetna Freedom and Liberty plans (only available with R-Health)
Don’t wait to take advantage of this great benefit that’s provided at no out-of-pocket cost to you and your eligible dependents. Sign up today!
*Individuals covered under Aetna plans are able to access services only through R-Health doctor’s offices