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Atlantic City Firefighters Get Temporary Stay On Pay Cuts

Atlantic City firefighters will make it into the new year with their full pay.

The union filed for a stay on state-imposed 11.3 percent pay cuts that were set to begin Dec. 22.

Judge Julio Mendez on Monday ordered the state to show cause as to why he shouldn’t restrain them from taking action that includes “implementing a drastic 11.3 percent” salary reduction.Argument is set for Jan. 10, when the two sides are due back in court.

The state must file their response, with the union given until Jan. 3 to respond.CLICK FOR MENDEZ’S RULING

Union President John Varallo claims the cuts are payback after the state lost its move to cut the department to 148 members. The state wanted to go as low at 125.

But Mendez ruled that anything below the 180 minimum the firefighters pushed for would endanger residents, workers and visitors.